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Your Business Plan should deal with...

Business Survival, Growth & Profit Strategies


SMB failures due to ignorance and absence of risk management. The ONE most important reason for biz failures is SMBs refusal to pay attention to the pitfalls they are facing.

Dear entrepreneur, what are your chances to survive, profit, grow and to achieve success?

Unfortunately, according to failure statistics, NOT good at all!

Therefore, if you don't want to become part of the failure statistics, want to MAXIMIZE PROFIT, GROW your company and SUCCEED...

You urgently need to incorporate successful small companies' preferred risk management (planning) strategy into your business plan (i.e. plan and develop a management plan to protect your profits)!

You need to take our only one of its kind Business Planning Guide with you on your journey to growth and success... or the dangers will eat your profits alive!

Your business plan should address survival, growth, profit and risk management planning; you need to turn your risks into opportunities to maximize your profits!

Glancing at the medium and small business failures (graveyard), we can only reach one conclusion: It is really dangerous out there WITHOUT A BUSINESS PLAN!

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* To keep up with customers' hi-tech demands, we have converted our e-Book into the Kindle format. You may order our e-Guide from by using your credit card. A Kindle for PC version is also available.


"From man's earliest attempts to provide for himself and his family, there have been risks that threaten to take away the fruit of his labor.

"By the same token, in today's fast-paced entrepreneurial society, many hardworking entrepreneurs are victims of profit erosion, simply because there are no profit protection systems in place.

"Let us show you how to identify your current and potential risks and how to implement effective and efficient strategies that will protect your profits. Don't let ignorance (or any other primitive enemy) cause the downfall of your company.

"Part of implementing our profit protection methodology in your company is the use of two techniques: 1) The first technique you will use to pinpoint (identify) the profit erosion agents in your company; and 2) The second technique to counteract these.

"We will discuss these techniques in detail. Also, we will show you how to include above in your business plan.

" No matter whether you already have a medium or small company; are starting one; are facing enormous problems in your enterprise (and want to reduce your risks/pitfalls and survive); or are experiencing GIGANTIC growth at the moment (or want to grow your company)… you will find our Business Planning Guide EXTREMELY VALUABLE!"

- Michiel Jonker, CISA


While writing your business plan; ask yourself...

How can my company be (or more) profitable and successful?


How can I seriously pursue growth?


Increasing prices or sales or the use of artificial methods?

Get our e-Guide in Survival, Growth and Profit Strategies:

to discover...

The Most Neglected Parts of Your Business Plan and Planning!

Profit Protection:

How to maximize profit and to grow by profiting from your risks TOO;

Risk Management:

How to exercise control over the pitfalls (risks) you are facing;

Two Survival Techniques:

THE two survival tips for normal and global recession times; and

Start-Ups: How to Minimize your Risk of Failure:

Steps to biz success - how to avoid failure from the beginning

Small Company Profitable due to profit protection strategies implemented by the owners. Profit snowball year after year.

By getting our e-Guide, you will learn how to turn your risks into opportunities...


... By using smart profit strategies and control techniques. Learn how to make sure you:

  • Get rid of the profit erosion agents in your company FIRST (and in so doing avoid failure too), so that you can...

  • GROW your company and achieve phenomenal SUCCESS!


Profit Erosion and Protection

Dear entrepreneur, you are on the brink of developing a business plan to reduce your risks/ threats/pitfalls, eroding your profits.

Yes, you are about to learn how to profit from your BUSINESS PITFALLS too (and to show your sponsors in your business plan how you will do it)! Does this sound ridiculous? Please read on...

Your Risk of Failure and Chances of Success

As an entrepreneur you face one of two possible scenarios - business failure or business success!

Unfortunately, every year, thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)/small and medium businesses (SMBs) around the globe simply fail to grow or, even worse, close down!

That's why we have decided to set up this web site. To survive and achieve REAL high growth and success (by the way, real business growth is based on profit, not credit!), you have to pay more attention (in your business plan and during your business planning sessions) to the threat agents in- or outside of your business (i.e. your business pitfalls) which are eating your profits... and which ALSO constitute your risk of business failure!

We believe that small business companies should focus on reducing the hidden leakages (causes of profit loss and business failure) in their enterprises and address these weaknesses in their business plans and planning!

By fixing the profit erosion holes first, and making your small business profitable, you will be able to minimize your risk of failure and, inevitably, be in a better position to GROW your small business and achieve SUCCESS!

So, this web site is for medium and small business companies only. Just for you. Tailor-made to fit YOUR business planning needs as a SME/SMB owner!

Many business pitfalls have been recorded as small business failure reasons. HOWEVER, thousands of business plan books and magazines (not to mention business plans) don't mention the most important and overall reason - encompassing ALL the other causes of the SME/SMB failure phenomenon (i.e. the failure-to-grow and failure-to-survive phenomenon)!

An All-Inclusive Reason for the Failure Phenomenon

You see, the number one overall reason why thousands of small and medium businesses fail to grow or go bankrupt is the...

PASSIVE STANCE of owners towards the pitfalls (risks) -

ALLOWING threat agents to RUN RAMPANT through their enterprises, and to...

EAT AWAY profits and potential profits!

A risk is ANYTHING that has the power to eat your profits, i.e. any event, action, decision, lack of action or decision as well as any circumstance in- or outside of your company that causes or could cause PROFIT EROSION. It is a generic term for the many causes/factors/threats that have been identified thus far as reasons for small biz failures - no matter whether these causes were of strategic, operational, financial or legal nature.

Small business companies focus, almost entirely, in their business plans and planning on how to profit from their business opportunities... and then get caught by the risks, forcing them to close their doors for ever! Our experience is that a small enterprise profits... ONLY TO LOSE IT AGAIN. This is a heartbreaking but true reality.

Many medium and small owners pay little or no attention to the pitfalls (i.e. they fail to PLAN and ACT against the profit erosion agents in their enterprises). In other words, their business plans do not cover adequate profit strategies and controls to protect and grow their businesses!

One All-Inclusive Solution

We have realized one thing: You need more than just a management/planning book telling you of all the possible causes of failure and the necessary solutions to deal with it! The truth is, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of different types of pitfalls (risks)... far too many to cover in one study, training course, book or article.

As an alternative:

  • You first need to know the most important reason why thousands of small and medium enterprises fail to grow or go under.
  • By knowing this, you will also know how to survive AND to grow your business by covering and implementing one overall profit strategy (profit protection methodology) in your business plan and organization.
  • Part of this solution is the use of our Business Planning Guide, discussing two survival techniques. You should not only use these techniques to survive and overcome your risks, but also use them to achieve phenomenal GROWTH and SUCCESS in the long run!

However, to use our all-inclusive small business checklist on risk management and business planning, you first need to change your patterns of thought. You need to change the way you are thinking about and dealing with your risks, the pitfalls that are threatening your company's existence, future and growth! Furthermore, you also need to learn how to use these business planning techniques.

Online Kindle e-Guide Course and Advice

We have therefore decided to share our experience with you by putting almost everything we know in a Business Planning Guide (compiled in a Business Survival Plan e-Book Course Manual - Kindle format) for owners, directors and managers - titled as the:

Survival Kit for Small and Medium Businesses

Profit from your Risks TOO!

Our business plan e-book is intended for owners and managers who are truly serious about business planning, the GROWTH and PROFITABILITY of their companies - for those who are committed to do anything (legally, of course) in order to PROTECT and GROW their businesses!

Product Details

  • e-Guide (Kindle Format)! Mammoth Business Survival Planning Guide (± 430 Letter/A4 page e-book). Read more - Business Plan Guide
  • FREE Coaching! e-Guide comes with FREE coaching support! Send us an e-mail and we will answer your questions!
  • Money-Back Guarantee! According to Amazon's Kindle return policy an e-Book purchase from the Kindle Store is eligible for return and refund if they receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you'll no longer have access to the e-Book.
  • Product Delivery Method: Our Kindle e-Book will be delivered by Amazon's free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. A Kindle for PC version is also available.

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Thank YOU!

We would like to hear from you; your comments, ideas, recommendations AND questions! Please, send those e-mails!

Whatever you do in live, you need a plan. You can just as well start with (or updating) your business plan today.



Michiel Jonker, CISA
Business Around The

PS: Make your business plan complete by including our profit protection methodology in your planning. You need to protect your profits in order to survive, grow and achieve success!

FAQ: I have to prepare a business plan, would it help me to read the e-Guide?

Although the manual doesn't cover the usual contents of a business plan (templates), it does cover a very important part of your business plan, namely how to identify the potential pitfalls/risks (i.e. the inherent risks of the business venture). This part of a business plan is often neglected. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs start their companies without giving a second thought to the potential pitfalls while busy writing their business plans!

You will be in a better position to obtain venture capital for your company by developing a business plan in which you can show the bank or venture capitalist that you have identified your risks and how you are planning to deal with it in order to grow.

Your business plan will prove to them that you are not only dreaming about business success, but that you are standing with both feet on solid ground by acknowledging the fact that you do face risks and that you have planned to deal with it by including your identified risks in your business plan. (See risk management planning/methodology.)

In other words, that you have identified countermeasures/controls to protect their investment capital and your profits against the negative financial impact of the risks you are facing.

In the manual we show in detail how to calculate the negative financial impact of your business risks (profit erosion) as well as the cost of your countermeasures - and how to illustrate these calculations in your planning.

As a result, you will be able to motivate why you have decided to counteract or not to counteract certain business threats on a sound economical basis. You will be able to illustrate to your bank or venture capitalist, in your business plan, that you have identified cost-effective countermeasures and that they and your business will profit from it!



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